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Welcome to Our New Website

It’s been a while since we updated the website for the Association for Continuing Education and it needed it. We have changed the look and feel of the site but more, have simplified the navigation.

Look and Feel

Our website was originally created in 2010, 12 years ago. It has served us well, but as technology, design trends, and capabilities have grown, so it was time to update our website.

We hope you will find the color scheme easier to read. We now take advantage of much more of the computer screen providing a less cramped feeling.


We have simplified the navigation in an effort to make our primary services easier for our users to find what they need. You will see all educational information under the “Learning” header. These activities are divided only into “Courses & Classes” and “Events”. So trips, book discussions, lectures, etc. can be found here. You can drill into the details of any event by clicking on its tile.

All of our education that is grouped into more than one day are now in the “Courses & Classes” section. Take a look at your leisure.

Book Sale

Since our major event is our Annual Book Sale, we have separated it from all of the other buttons and you can learn all the details here with simplified and direct content.


Under the heading of “Newsroom”, you will be able to find our interactive current quarterly newsletter. Past newsletters will be conveniently listed and available to read, download, or print as PDFs.

The “What’s New” section is our blog page and here you will be able to learn about new activities, opinions, and generally salient information.


The big change here is that we have simplified the types of memberships available and now it is possible to pay directly online.


Your feedback, thoughts, and constructive criticism are important to us. Please feel free to comment here or send us your thoughts through the form on the “Contact Us” page.

Future Improvements

While the new website is a big improvement over our past one, we have plans to add further services, features, and functions over time, so come back often and look around.

We hope you enjoy our new site and look forward to your comments.

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