Some of the following committees meet monthly for most of the year, others schedule meetings as needed.

Lecture Day Committee organizes the annual Grazella Shepherd Lecture Day.  They choose a topic, invite two speakers and a moderator, and make all the arrangements for this event.

Book Discussion Day Committee reads and discusses books of literary importance, choosing one to be read and discussed on Book Discussion Day.  They lead small group discussions, choose a speaker and make all arrangements for the event.

New Programs Committee plans 3 tours (fall, winter, spring) to venues of interest in and around the city.  They also choose local authors for the summer Acclaimed Authors Luncheon series under the auspices of CWRU.

Education Committee has responsibility for the Off Campus Studies program. They work with the leader-teachers and class coordinators to offer a wide variety of courses meeting at locations throughout the area. The committee organizes a faculty fair for presentation of topics to and from leader-teachers; publicizes course offerings; with the assistance of Siegal Life Long Learning, recruits new leader-teachers.

Annual Meeting Committee schedules the ACE Annual Meeting, chooses the venue, invites the speaker, arranges for the  printing of the program and printing and mailing of invitations.

Membership Committee looks after membership; sending out renewal notices, promoting membership, recruiting new members.

If you would like to join in the work of any of these committees, please contact Bobbie Farrell at bobbiefarrell43@gmail.com