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Since 1954, The Association for Continuing Education at Case Western Reserve University has supported ongoing growth and intellectual knowledge first as in-home lectures that have grown to  Educational Courses, Events such as book day, and our exceptional and highly recognized Annual Book Sale.

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The Association for Continuing Education proudly sponsors a number of educational events each year.  These events are available to both member and non-member participants. You are sure to find events that will further your knowledge through these wonderful social events.

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With our association through Case Western Reserve's Siegal Lifelong Learning Center, the Association for Continuing Education provides a variety of classes and educational opportunities to our members and non-members alike.  Classes are online, and/or in person.  Check out our class schedule.

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Book Sale

The Association for Continuing Education has sponsored one of the largest and most important book sales in the Tri-State area. Books are curated and only high qyuality books are offered for sale.  The book sale also provides one of the most significant Rare Book offeinggs in Ohio.  Here you will also find a large collection of videos, CDs, and vinyl records.

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